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The Edinburgh Whisky Glass

10 Ounces, Gift Boxed

THE ULTIMATE WHISKEY GLASS: Inspired by the legendary history of whisky and named after the capital of Scotland, The Edinburgh Glass has been carefully designed for the maximum enjoyment of the color, taste and smell of whisky. Combining the classic shape of a nosing snifter with the larger stature of traditional old fashioned tumblers, The Edinburgh Glass can hold up to 10 and a half ounces and is dishwasher safe.

ELEVATES AND ENHANCES WHISKEY: The large bowl allows maximum surface aeration of your whisky, which helps to develop the best tasting notes and flavors. The long neck provides an ideal distance between your nose and the bowl, allowing time for ethanol vapors to evaporate. The extended base allows a secure area to hold the glass without smudging the bowl with fingerprints. It’s also big enough to accommodate ice balls up to 2 inches!

THE PERFECT GIFT FOR WHISKEY LOVERS: Every glass is handmade using our proprietary DragonGlass technology, making them extra strong, light weight and crystal clear so you can admire your favorite dram. Every glass comes beautifully packaged and makes an ideal gift for whiskey connoisseurs and every day hobbyists. The Edinburgh Glass is also versatile enough to be enjoyed with other spirits, wine and more.

PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Our crystal clear, lead-free, high quality glassware is something to marvel at! Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, The Edinburgh Glass is suitable for daily use and cleans easily. A unique and elegant choice for your next soiree.

OUR COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE: Dragon Glassware is committed to creating luxurious, designer glassware and accessories that complement and enhance your lifestyle. We are obsessed with delivering excellence by standing behind our products to ensure your trust and satisfaction. Your purchase comes with exceptional customer service, a one year limited warranty, and a money-back guarantee. Our desire is to give you a drinking experience as legendary as our name!

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