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Diamond Whiskey Glasses


10 Ounces, Set of 2 (Gift Boxed)


Inspired by diamonds, this uniquely shaped tilted glass allows your drink to aerate as it is poured and swirled inside the glass. These glasses are the epitome of elegance, feel like you're sitting at table in a study, next to a globe, books, and an array of fancy bottles wherever you are! Perfect for wine and a variety of spirits, cocktails, shots, and liquors - whiskey, bourbon, scotch, brandy, rum, vodka, gin, cognac, liqueurs, and more!


Beautifully positioned at an anti-rocking, spill-proof, 50 degree tilting angle for a unique drinking experience. Experience them with our Diamond Cut Whiskey Stones for an on-the rocks experience without watering your alcohol down.


Our Diamond Faceted Whiskey Glass Set makes a wonderful choice for the whiskey lover in your life and comes packaged in a luxury gift box. Pair them with a decanter or a nice bottle of Japanese whiskey, an Irish brand like Jameson, Macallan Single Malt Scotch, whatever you choose will pair perfectly with our glasses and make an excellent addition to even the most well-stocked bar! Whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or wedding present, they're sure to love it!


Our crystal clear, lead-free, high quality glassware is something to marvel at! Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, our Diamond Whiskey Glasses are suitable for daily use and clean easily. A unique and elegant choice for your next soiree.


 Dragon Glassware is committed to creating luxurious, designer glassware and accessories that complement and enhance your lifestyle. We are obsessed with delivering excellence by standing behind our products to ensure your trust and satisfaction. Your purchase comes with exceptional customer service, a one year limited warranty, and a money-back guarantee. Our desire is to give you a drinking experience as legendary as our name!


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