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    Halloween is that time of year where us adults can dress up in costumes, go to haunted houses, and consume copious amounts of candy with no parental supervision. It also means parties, and nothing makes for a great party more than an awesome drink selection. Here are 5 drinks you can try at your next spooky soiree. 
    It’s October, and that means you’ve started breaking out all your favorite horror movies to pop into your VCR. Okay, they’re most likely blu-rays but the point is there’s no better time to watch scary movies than now! Whether you love the classics, or love the new directions the genre’s taking, these cocktails make for perfect pairings with your next movie night. 
    When you imagine sipping a glass of wine with dinner, often it's the syrupy sweet, deep red drink that comes to mind. However, alcohol-aficionados know that there are a variety of wines to choose from depending on your personal tastes -- and they aren't always sweet. In fact, many of the most rich, complex and enjoyable wines are dry. 
    Summer may be viewed as the best time to enjoy ice-cold cocktails at the beach, but the chilled autumn weather actually has a lot to offer when it comes to delicious cocktail recipes. From pecans to cinnamon spice, fall flavors pair perfectly with many beers and liquors. Try these fall themed drinks to warm your belly this season!
    The worst part about being sick -- besides the fact that you're sick -- is that you're supposed to stay hydrated, but most liquids are harsh on your throat. Thankfully, there are recipes that can provide you with much-needed relief. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make a soothing cup of honey lemon tea, which is perfect for promoting relaxation while easing aches and pains.
    Want to make the perfect cup of coffee to delight your taste buds? Not everyone enjoys the same flavors and no two coffees are exactly the same – which is why it’s essential to understand key differences in coffee roasts. There are many variables that play a part in your regular coffee experience – specifically whether the roast is light or dark. Light and dark roast coffees can vary greatly in complexity, flavor, taste and body, because different amounts and levels of roasting produce unique sets of characteristics. Read below for a breakdown of the differences between light and dark roasts.
    Having dinner with your significant other is a great way to bond and get some one-on-one time. There’s no need to wait for a special holiday to take your honey out for a good meal, either! Here are some delicious food and wine pairing ideas for your next date night. Consider giving these a try, whether you’re having dinner at home or at your favorite restaurant.
    When you plan a date night, ladies night or other special occasion, do you always find yourself stuck wondering how many bottles of wine are appropriate? How many glasses of wine are in one bottle anyway? The typical wine bottle size is 750 milliliters -- read on to learn how many glasses of wine each bottle can hold.