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    How Many Gasses of Wine Are in a Bottle?

    How Many Gasses of Wine Are in a Bottle?

    When you plan a date night, ladies night or other special occasion, do you always find yourself stuck wondering how many bottles of wine are appropriate? How many glasses of wine are in one bottle anyway?
    The typical wine bottle size is 750 milliliters -- which holds 6 glasses of wine. Depending on how many people you're stocking up for, you can keep this easily divisible number in mind when determining servings. If you're planning on drinking 1-2 glasses, one bottle of wine is great for sharing with a date or friend or two, and will usually still leave a couple glasses to spare. For a larger group, if you keep in mind that each bottle has 6 glasses, you'll easily be able to decide how many to buy.
    Of course, if you ever have a borderline number of guests or know some guests will pour more, it's always better to add an extra bottle in your cart to ensure you have plenty to serve.


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